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Graphic Design

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Your business demands much of your time.


When you choose my design service these are my services you can take advantage of.


1)  Get your designs in multiple formats - PS, AI JPeg etc..


2) Save on your next project - when the initial design is my work you will get reductions the the new project price.  Why?




You save my time and I say thank-you for being a loyal customer in the best manner I know - save you $$$'s.

Amazing Custom "Design in" Web Sites!


Beautiful  Fade-in

Slide Shows


Sell your business with

professional graphic slides


high resolution images


Design - In


Huge Savings!


Receive all images


Graphic Design in multiple formats


Ultimate Customer Service


Experience the best

graphic/web service ever!

Your business demands it!





Use your web presence pro-actively.  Connect with Wi-Fi and eliminate addictional

promotional costs.

Separate Smart Phone


Reach a bigger market

Size/image enhancing for the smart phone experience


Included in Prime Plan only

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Why 1Concepts Web-Sites


Your Business

Stand Out!



Its a big step to decide on a custom web-site.  Its an investment in your business/event that needs to function and feel good to you and your clients/customers.


At 1Concepts I am not in competition with on-line FREE template based web site providers - I do not make money off hosting or domain names.


Design is my passion - Design is my business


I believe template based generics sites serve a purpose however as you check-out my site you will quickly realize how my designs surpass anything you will get for free and a few quick calls to my competition to get quotes for a custom designed web site will leave you with a feeling of knowing that what my business offers your business is a very sweet deal!


Custom color palettes     - 1 million +


Custom fonts                    - choose from thousands


Custom headers              -  designed to your specifications


Custom photography      -  awesome high-res images sell your product








Prime Plan

$1500 (hosting included)


Enhanced Plan +

Adobe Hosting 1 Year




(see hosting details below)


Signature quality business cards

Complete web writing package

Separate mobile site design



Domain name search + purchase

Netfirms Basic - 1Year Hosting


Text Logo - Custom Header

Basic 1 Page Web - 3 Sections + Sliding Anchors -  Section Buttons - Custom Photography

Social media connections:


Standard Plan

 $500  (hosting included)


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 What's Most Important


Everything is important about your web-site since your site represents everything your project/business is about.


Set Clear Objectives


Realistic expectations are key to the success of a web-site build.  The most common frustration I hear is this - my web-site company never finished my site and didn't respond to my requests.  The way to avoid this from happening is to sign-off on what you are paying for right from the beginning - from quantity of work to price.  There may be things you would like to have but are over your budget but they don't tell you upfront or say they did.


1Concepts has 3 web-design packages - they are very specific regarding the price increases and the extra value offered.  In order for me to save my clients money, the work load must be respected.

Enhanced Plan

 $1000  (hosting included)


Standard Plan +

Adobe Hosting 1 Year




 1 Video or 3 Fade-In/Sliding Ads

Business Card Design - recto/verso

500 Standard quality   business cards



Linked in


Business Cards

Commercial Ads


Business Cards


Think that business cards are a thing of the past?

I disagree... here's why


Trust and that good feeling when you meet and greet a new business prospect will never go

out of style.  What's important is tying all areas of your marketing to your web presence.  Just having a web site


will never emulate trust.  My experience in speaking with people is that they much prefer to have the person to person interaction and an amazing quality business card is the first step!